Saturday, August 11, 2007

Top Ten Tools

This post is inspired by Jane Hart's project, which I heard from through George Siemens' post about it.

Although I am famous for the phrase "it's not about the tools," I couldn't help but look at what people are using to produce and manage content. Especially when you get to peer into the minds of some really sharp people. Here are mine, with explanations:

  • Google Reader- a bit overwhelming at times, but still the hands down best resource for learning
  • Blogger- my think aloud. This is where conversation begins and ends with me.
  • Google Notebook- I use this for focused research when I need to compile a list of sources for myself or others.
  • iShowU- Best cost to performance ratio I have found in a screencaster
  • Audacity- still simple, still perfect
  • Zamzar- Converts just about anything on the fly and offers a simple downloadable file
  • Skype- How I connect to people much brighter than myself
  • Twitter- My new favorite thing. Quick, ubiquitous, and networked.
  • I use this more as a searchable catalog of links rather than an organizational tool
  • Firefox- As many have said, this is the home base. Completely customized and suited to what I need it to do.
What are your top ten tools?

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Sue Waters said...

Hi Patrick

Don't forget the iGoogle homepage to go with your Google Reader. And if you ever find that Zamar does not convert, give SuperC a try - free software that I use all the time.