Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Workshop updates

A while back I posted about how I have created an outlet for collaboration and dissemination of information: the Tech Dossier. In order to foster some collaboration with my workshops, I have created the workshoponestop wiki. I can use this to extend my classroom to go beyond the short time I have to work with teachers in workshops (if I am imploring them to do it, I guess I should too). I apologize in advance for the lack of inclusion in these projects, especially the wiki, but after the completion of the spring semester I will open up the wiki for public collaboration. As it is now, you can take a look around, but comments should be directed back here.

The blog has been hugely successful with staff members, and for very simple reasons. First, it offers them a glimpse into classrooms that they might not normally see, especially at the high school where time is short and people are scattered. A quick post on a project or technology that another teacher employs is sometimes the spark that another needs to pull me in for a meeting and planning session. Secondly, it is offering them a quick glance into how quickly we can communicate an ideas and create buzz with a large number of people within a community. While we are still trying to get some interactivity going between the teachers on the blog, and while it is mainly me writing it currently, we are hoping to get some comments and some guest writers soon. Blogging is a funny word in education; most want to do it, but are strangely afraid of what it means. I hope this will show them how productive and thorough it makes us as professionals.

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