Friday, February 16, 2007


February 16th NJECC meeting at Montclair State University.

This is a monthly meeting I attend with an organization that has been around since the early 80's. Whenever I leave here I always feel charged with new ideas and the energy to do them. The most interesting thing about today's meeting is that I am speaking about Lecture123 and how we use it in our schools.

My cohort, Dave Gorecki, was unable to make it today, so I will be going over the primary and elementary school uses as well. It is an interesting thing to switch gears like this, and try to understand the different methodologies they use, especially with an application like Lecture123. We use it at the middle and high school level with the idea that it will be used by individuals on their iPods and their home computers. The delivery of the content, along with the interactive and collaborative nature of the question and answer feature embedded in Lecture123, make it ideal for heavy content and lecture notes that the students may need in preparing for exams or large projects. In the primary and elementary, the teachers have taken a different approach, using it instead as a center at an individual workstation in conjunction with other features of a lesson. They are truly using it as a cog in a much bigger project.

The end goal of this, after speaking with Mitch and Jeff from Lecture123, is to include these taped lectures as part of a course management system. We are looking into Moodle, Drupal, and the like to see where we can house this so the students would have access to this content in addition to blogs, wikis, and RSS feeds. If anyone cares to, go check out the Lecture123 site, and let us know which CMS you have experience with.

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