Saturday, December 1, 2007

Some Holiday Fun

I really wanted to show my wife the global nature of Ustream, so I thought what better way than to share out tree opening. A very early Happy Holiday to all!


Cathy Nelson said...

How precious! I'm sure it was a delight for those that saw it live.

Why do you limit your commentators to be either a google blogger or anonymous? I have a gogle account so i can respond w/ my name and pix, but I don't use blogger anymore to blog. There is a setting so you can change and open up a space for those who have blogs elsewhere to put their name and their URL.

Cathy Nelson

Patrick Higgins said...


That's a great question. I don't know why I have never looked into that. I will right now.

NJTechTeacher said...

Thanks for sharing. The tree has a beautiful shape. I enjoyed listening to your wife's comments as much as anything else. It is admittedly strange to be able to do what you did.

I had a golden retriever years ago. It was fun to see yours make an appearance. Can you download the uStream to a file? It would be a fun artifact for your son when he grows up. Will this be "so what" by then? We'll see.

I'm not sure if you caught my links in Twitter, but here are the two links I have for the Google student accounts with the +.

Patrick Higgins said...


My wife follows what I do with a sidewards glance half the time--one of those "what is it now?" kind of looks. But last night was a great experience. She has a an amazing ability to see the utility or lack of in some of the applications we go nuts about. She found Ustream to be great. After we got the boy to bed, I showed her some of the work we did with our 7th graders and their environmental summit.

I am still trying to pull the videos off of Ustream, but have had no luck yet.

And thanks for the links in twitter; I did get them and relayed them to the teacher that was wondering about how to do that. Can't say enough about the "just in time" ability of twitter.