Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Strike the Match

Last year, I workshopped until I was blue in the face, talking about RSS and social bookmarking and whatever else I could to help teacher efficiency while researching and planning. This year I backed off and let things go in their own direction (slightly).

This post just appeared today on Tech Dossier, our district technology blog, from Angela Deluccia-Davis, and it really made me smile. Now, truth be told, Angela is an early adopter, and one of our biggest technological evangelists, but she is also a realist, and an AP teacher. Her margin for error with experimentation is very low. Her post details briefly the introduction of Google Reader into the AP position paper that she does every year.

One thing I love about how she introduced it is that she clearly states that not all of the students are using it---it's a tool. Some will use the tool, others will not. No grades will suffer if you choose not to use it. I would like to see where this goes.

Flickr image credit: "Aha," by Jason Pinker

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