Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Wearing of the Hats

Since school began, I have been meaning to get this post together because I am amazed by all of the various different tasks and roles I play throughout a day. Here is a snapshot of my day yesterday, broken down by how it was spent between the hours of 8am and 4pm:

  • Met with a teacher to discuss how to use OnCourse, our online lesson planner. The meeting took a turn at the end and we ended up editing her class website to update the information to reflect its current state.
  • Sat down with AP Language and Comp teacher to work through how to set up her students on an experimental (for us) LMS called SAKAI, which was very cool because I had gone to a training session on it over the summer and was able to recall much of what I learned. No small feat.
  • Taught a class of juniors and seniors about wikispaces so they can begin creating their own textbook.
  • Answered email and fixed student records and updated data in our Genesis, our SIS.
  • Met with colleague during lunch regarding multimedia project he is working on.
  • Helped teachers set up folders and mailing lists in Outlook.
  • Presented an overview of new technologies to a middle school team of teachers and walked them through setting up their online gradebooks.
  • High school faculty meeting
  • Meeting with a teacher to discuss setting up blogs for two of his classes in American History. Discussed the impact possible and the different responsibility he will have. Both very excited.
  • Answered emails and went to pick up the boy.
One of my favorite things about what I do, and there are many, is that the multitude of problems I am asked to help solve each day changes so much between those days. That aspect keeps me fresh and exhilarated. I do love this job.

Flickr image credit: "The Hat Shop," Franco Falini's photostream

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