Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Evaluating Online School Success

Total Dropouts

How will we know if the program we create is effectively providing the students with what they need? There are so many options available, either in-house and on the web, to evaluate quickly how people feel about their experience in an online school. Metrics, when used effectively, are invaluable in this regard. For us, since this is so new and so unknown, finding out first who is interested with both teachers and students, then how we have hit benchmarks of progress will be important parts of the process.

The graph at the top of the page, with information taken from the US Census Bureau, shows the dropout rate among high school students over the last 30 years. I have to think that using online classes to either keep these students in school, or to give them access to credit recovery would push us, or anyone to create these types of schools.

Survey tools to gather data

  • use them to analyze where the data is telling the school to move.

65% Survey
  • when a student hits the 65% completion point, they are automatically taken to a survey that asks them about teacher effectiveness and class effectiveness
  • Data is then analyzed and changes are suggested for the course or teacher
  • This is kind of like RateMyTeachers on steroids.
End of year, mass surveys to stakeholder groups
  • each district served receives the survey
  • they are asked how well the school is serving the community/school
Principals and Guidance counselors receive surveys
  • they are asked how well the school is serving the community/school
  • how does the virtual school compare/stack-up to the regular school
Parent Survey
  • targeted to their child's schedule and class record

Student Survey
  • end of course survey about their school experience

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